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[Media cover] Veccum paper recommended by F1000Prime

The staff who recommended the paper presented the reason as below:

"This is a very interesting paper that presents software to identify vector-contamination by inserts that are variable, not just the usual contamination by known vectors of fixed sequence. The background is that when a vector gets integrated into a sequence and linearized, the fixed vector part may be adjacent to a variable sequence segment that was put (with different mutations) into the cloning vector. Such variations may be misinterpreted as bona fide low frequency mutations, especially in the setting of cancer sequencing studies that look for low-frequency somatic mutations in bulk samples. Thus, the authors' method can be used to distinguish somatic mutations in the host DNA from variation in the sequencing reagents that get sequenced along with the sample DNA. The general idea of the method is to identify sequence matches to known vectors, using BWA, and then look at the exon junction patterns in the adjacent sequences to see if they are skewed. In this paper, Figure 1 is "worth more than a thousand words" and readers should start at Figure 1 to understand the innovative problem formulation done by the authors."

It has been tagged with two keywords "New finding" and "Technical advance".

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