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[New paper] Genomic profiling of NK/T-cell lymphoma

We published a new paper in Leukemia.

In this study, in collaboration with Prof. Sun Och Yoon (Dept. of Pathology) Gunho Lee analyzed genomic mutations in NK- and T-cell lymphoma, which is a very rare type of lymphoma, to find characterizing somatic mutations. Especially, lymphoma that are localized in GI-tract were collected and compared with other lymphomas. We found mutations in Potassium Voltage-gated channels constitute a new signature. Hyundeok Kang, Dr. In Seok Yang and Mi-Kyoung Seo participated in the analyses.

"Characteristic gene alterations in primary gastrointestinal T and NK cell lymphomas", Leukemia 2019, Epub ahead of print

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