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Currently available positions at TGIL


We are looking for new members who will create our future together.

If you are interested, please send your application and CV to 

1. Ph.D. and M.S. students in the Graduate School of Medical Science (BK21, 연세대학교 의과학과)


We are recruiting ambitious students in bioinformatics/medical informatics/cancer genomics.

Successful candidates must be interested in computational approaches for 1) disease-associated genomic studies, 2) algorithm/method development for better sequence analysis or 3) integrative analysis of genomic and medical information. Academic background is generally flexible.


Based on the BK21+, students have benefits including:

  • Full support for tuition fee (successful candidates must pass the official English test. e.g. TOEFL)

  • Maximum financial support by involving in academic projects

  • Opportunities for international conference participation

  • Incentives and Scholarships for academic achievement (e.g. paper publication)

To see more details of the benefits, please refer to this page.

If you are interested, please send your brief CV to me. Researcher position is also available.

2. Postdoctoral Researcher (Research Professor position is also available)


Job description:

  • Research in disease-associated sequence analysis. Major projects include: 1) Genomic analysis of disease samples, 2) Algorithm development for challenging variant identification (e.g., mosaic mutations) and 3) Immunoinformatics



  • Ph.D. in Bioinformatics/Computer Science or any related fields

  • Strong background in computational theory and/or cancer genomics is encouraged

  • Research experiences in NGS data analysis

  • Good communication skill and independent research attitude



  • Great opportunities in collaborative work with clinicians. Massive genomic/multi-omics data are wating for you

  • Fringe benefits including reduced medical fees at Severance hospital

  • A lot of opportunities for overseas study, conference participation.

  • Generous incentives for journal publication




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