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Research Facilities


KOREN (Korea Advanced Research Network): the high speed network for academy
























  • KOREN (Korea Advanced Research Network) is a non-profit testbed network infrastructure established for facilitating research and development and international joint research cooperation. It provides quality broadband network testbed for domestic and international research activities to the industry, academia, and research institutions, enabling testing of future network technologies and supporting R&D on advanced applications


  • TGIL actively transfers big genomic data between other institutes in Korea (e.g. KAIST and KISTI) and international collaborators (UC San Diego and The Cancer Genome Atlas). For more information about KOREN, please visit the KOREN Website.

Yonsei Genomics Center, Cluster for Bioinformatics Analysis 














  • High speed, largely distributed computing resource for genomic data analysis

  • Connected with InfiniBand for high speed data transfer

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