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[New paper] Genomic landscape of extraordinary responses in metastatic breast cancer

Our new paper has been published in Communications Biology.

In this paper, in collaboration with Prof. Joohyuk Sohn (Yonsei), Prof. Sun min Lim (Yonsei) performed whole exome analysis to characterize the genomic landscape of extreme responders among metastatic breast cancer patients. Extreme responders to anticancer therapy are rare among advanced breast cancer patients. Clinical samples were obtained from breast cancer patients who showed exceptional responses to anti-HER2 therapy or hormonal therapy and from those who did not. We found that responders harbored a significantly lower nonsynonymous mutational burden (median, 26 vs. 59, P = 0.02) and fewer CNVs (median 13.6 vs. 97.7, P = 0.05) than non-responders. Extreme responders to treatment for metastatic breast cancer are characterized by fewer nonsynonymous mutations and CNVs.

This study has been mainly done by Eunyoung Kim and Sangwoo Kim. Sora Kim participated in the study as authors.


Genomic landscape of extraordinary responses in metastatic breast cancer. Commun Biol 4, 449 (2021).


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